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Due to the disappearance of DOS-based AV solutions, AVDisk is not developed anymore. The information on these pages may be outdated and is provided for reference only.

Follow these instructions to install AVDisk and create your anti-virus startup disks:

  • Download the AVDisk program and run it in an empty folder. The AVDisk files will be extracted to this folder.
  • Run the AVDisk Install program via setup.bat. AVDisk will be launched when installation is completed successfully.
  • See avdisk.txt inside the archive for more detailed setup instructions.

Futher important notes:

  • AVDisk uses FreeDOS, which is still in beta state and may thus not work correctly on all machines, or AV software might not be compatible with it. There is nothing we can do about this, so try your disks when you have created them!
  • You can enable NTFS volume scanning (including write access in current versions) by downloading NTFS4DOS.
  • You should update your anti-virus software and startup disks regularly (a minimum of once every month) or your system will not be capable of detecting the latest viruses. This involves updating your anti-virus software itself as new versions are released and also its virus definition files which provide the information required to detect most viruses. Definition files are released much more frequently then new software versions.
  • You should always create your startup disks on a clean computer otherwise using your startup disks may further spread a virus infection. If you suspect your computer is infected then download all the nessecary software on to a clean computer and create the startup disks from there.
  • PGP signatures for all AVDisk files are contained in which you can use to verify you are using an unmodified version of AVDisk.

    Key ID 0xA41413B4 (Deniz Oezmen) download PGP public key
    Fingerprint 70FF 07DF 6388 53B3 6542 20BD FA66 F10E A414 13B4
  • Test your disks to make sure they work and that you know how to use them before you need them.

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