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(C) 1999-2008
The AVDisk folks


Due to the disappearance of DOS-based AV solutions, AVDisk is not developed anymore. The information on these pages may be outdated and is provided for reference only.

avdisk.exe is copyright Deniz Oezmen, 2001-2004
install.exe is copyright Frederic Bonroy, 2000-2007
cut.exe is copyright Frederic Bonroy, 2002-2003
glue.exe is copyright Frederic Bonroy, 2002-2003 is copyright Frederic Bonroy, 2003
srchtdsk.exe is copyright Deniz Oezmen, 1999-2004
qms.exe is copyright Ralph Roth, 1990-2008 is copyright Ralph Roth
csfd.exe/clnstart.sys is copyright Robert Green, 1999

zip.exe/unzip.exe: see avdisk.txt

FreeDOS is copyright The FreeDOS project

Original AVDisk concept (v1-7) by
DigitAL56K, 1999-2000

The official who did what list (in no particular order):

DigitAl56K Wrote the original batch scripts, documentation and website. Also missed many e-mails and newsgroup posts, caused long delays etc. :P
Deniz Oezmen Created SearchRD so AVDisk could autodetect the RAM drive and put his PC on the line many times beta testing ;)
Created avdisk.exe for the new v8.
Frederic Bonroy Created the AVDisk installation program which makes setting up the program a LOT easier :)
Wrote the AVDisk help file (avdisk.txt) and the French translation for avdisk.exe
Steven Craik Brought AVPDOS32 support to AVDisk in version 6 with loads of beta testing and many e-mails - from a Commodore 128!
Axel Pettinger Added support for McAfee's DOS Scan program.
Ozzie Ostrich Tested AVDisk on Windows 2000 and Windows ME and helped inventing the update mode.
Ralph Roth Wrote qms.exe and; invented the ROSE Text Compressor used in AVDisk's language system.
Robert Green Wrote the CSFD system used on the startup floppy
Clay Tested AVDisk with EZ Antivirus; hoster of the brilliant Claymania ACV sites.
Uzi Paz Solved a problem involving Hebrew language in AVDisk's bootdisk system.
salvie Did the spontaneous translation of these pages into German. ;-)
Nikolaus Rameis merciless beta tester
Art Kopp intensive beta testing and bug reporting
Veronica Loell suggested use of the improved KEYB driver and a way to add more flexibility to the keyboard layout system
Euler German suggested and tested use of Avira NTFS4DOS

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